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Hello fellow members! This thread will provide you with all the necessary information you need to apply for a staff position on Mint Network!

To start, copy the format onto a new thread and answer the questions in as much detail as possible. Make the questions one color and your answers another color so it's easier for staff to differentiate.

Please take the application process seriously and be patient. Do not pester staff members to review your application, it will lead to an instant denial. Do not bump your application, this refers to posting comments every 24 hours so your thread shows in the most recent taskbar. If your application is denied, please wait the specified time before considering to reapply. Note that if you lie on any part of your application, this will lead to the termination of your application. Do not discuss any part of your application to a tier 5 staff member. If you have questions you will be redirected to an administrator.

Please do not ask questions in regards to staff applications, unless you're experiencing difficultly interpreting one or multiple questions.

| Applicant Requirements |
You must:

Be at least 14 years old.
Have logged at least 50 hours in-game or;
Played over a span of 2 months on the server.
Have an discord account and working microphone.
Not be associated as staff on another network.
Be active in the discord.

| Application Format |




Discord Tag (must have a working mic):

Do you have recording software:

What sub-server are you applying for:

What is your rank (if applicable, if not, write N/A):

Have you ever been warned/muted/banned (if so, why?):

How long have you played on Mint Network (include playtime):

How many hours will you be active:

What attributes do you have that could assist the server:

What would you suggest to help improve the server:

What is your experience with staff positions (if applicable):

Any additional information (optional):

| General Focus Questions |

What steps would you take if you found a player cheating on the network:

What steps would you take if someone tried to bypass the chat filter:

Where would you direct a player if they were asking to report a player:

Where can a player find the donation store:

How do I join the discord:

How do I make a suggestion in the discord:

Can i get the Dj role?

How do I get access to talk in server chats on Discord?

Why can't I custom emojis in the Discord?

What perks do donors get access to in the Discord?


Where can I enchant my tools/items:
How can I repair my gear:
Where do I sell my gold:
How do I get food:
How can I earn money:
Where can I store my items:
How do I play:
How do I do a quest:
What are contrabands:
What is width++ and height ++:
How can I get telepathy:
How can I pay someone:
What are mints and how do I get them:
How do I get fly on my plot:
What is sponsor:
I'm A2, why can't I access the farm at spawn?

How do I set up a player shop:
What do I do if someone griefs my base:
How do I create a party with my friends:
What does a heart of the sea do:
Does the ender dragon respawn:
How do I refresh my villager trades:
How can I /back to my death point:
How do I get a scute:
Am I allowed to make auto farms:
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