Retune the Supreme mines


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At the moment, at the Supreme warp, there is a slime block mine which contains purely slime blocks and rare diamond and emerald blocks.
For me, selling an entire inventory worth of slime blocks with the diamond and emerald blocks I found, makes me an average of 30k. This takes me 10 minutes at most.
Going mining in the Supreme mine takes me far longer than 10 minutes (to fill an entire inventory not consisting of snowballs) and also makes me around 30-40k.
This is where I see a problem arise, if I want some levels, I'll go mine in the snow mine. However, if I really want to make some money quickly, I'd mine the slimeblock mine, since 99% of the mine can be onetapped by hand.
Therefore, I'd suggest some things:

The snow mines:
- Less lapis lazuli and more valuable ores. This is of course a buff and a buff I'd not recommend in earnest.
- More ores

The slime block mine:
I very much like the idea of this after having mined in it a few times, and I like money (You may call me Mr. Krabs), but this is not balanced in regards to the other mines.
- Nerf the selling price of slime blocks. There are 36 slots in an inventory, say I need 2 for equipment and food, that leaves me 34 slots. Say that 32 of those slots will be filled with slime blocks which is priced at $3. 32 stacks of slime blcoks give me 6.144$, in combination with an average of 5 - 10 emerald and diamond blocks (which are priced at 1071$ and $1215 respectively), this gives me 29.004$, and this is an average situation. This could be lower, but it could be higher, depending on the RNJesus.
If you lower the selling price of slime blocks from $3 to, say 2$, you'll only make 26.956$. And this number varies greatly on the found amount of emerald and diamond blocks.
- Lower the amount of found blocks in the slime block mine

In my honest opinion, I think the best thing is to lower the price of slime blocks. This is a nerf to Supreme, but at the moment, I am able to rank up at an incredible rate, which is normal because I am a donator, but I do believe this gives too much of an advantage.

Rhidian, out


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Yes and no. There will be eventually another 25 ranks on top of this so i think not much needs to change. But ill ask others mate.